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NFON receives C5 Attestation

C5 attestation is a catalogue of criteria from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) that evaluates the security architecture of a cloud provider.

Thanks to extensive security measures, NFON has received a C5 attestation (Type 1). Thereby, it’s establishing itself as an ideal partner for security-sensitive customers who are active in areas such as research & development, the public sector, or the financial and healthcare industries.

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Business Communications

Cut costs. And cables.

Discover easy voice calls , video, and screen sharing via cloud-based business phone systems. No matter where you are or what device you use.

Customer Contact

Connect your telephone system to the cloud

Enjoy all the benefits of cloud telephony without having to completely replace your current infrastructure.

3 reasons you should switch to cloud telephony


Cloud telephony is easy to set up, fast to configure and smooth to integrate with existing communication infrastructure.

Cost efficient

Enjoy easy cloud communication with no hidden costs and no long-term commitment. You can upgrade Cloudya each month to suit to your needs.


NFON has created a fully georedundant architecture with end-to-end data security, which guarantees a system uptime of 99.9% – so that you are always available for your customers.

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Protecting your data is in our DNA

We operate our services in full compliance with GDPR requirements.

And don't worry about data protection! To ensure compliance with regulations, we store data in georedundant data centers in Germany.

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“Instead of having different PBX systems for each location, we can now use one single, easily scalable communication solution. The integration of Cloudya has given our teams a lot more flexibility.”

Tobias Armleder, IT Lead, Demeter

“Since we switched to NFON, we can finally take calls wherever we are and from any device. The integrations with Microsoft Teams have made things a lot easier, and we can use the whole Microsoft Teams suite, with any client or partner - just being a click away at all times.”

Jeanne Beck, Marketing Manager, Wefapress

“We save a lot of costs now that we have switched to NFON.”

Make-A-Wish Foundation

“The quality is very good and, most importantly, NFON offers a professional service.”


“I would recommend NFON without reservation – I just plug in a new device, and it works.”


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1. Let’s get connected

We will work with you to understand your specific needs, ensuring you get a solution customised to your exact requirements.

2. Relax while we do the magic

We take care of all the technical details – no need to worry about number porting or preparing hardware.

3. Configure your system

Plug and play and start the easy setup with Cloudya.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of a cloud telephone system?

    Cloudya, our smart communication platform, uses the Internet to make and receive calls. With NFON you eliminate the telephone system hardware, the telephone connection and the maintainer. The system is flexible, scalable and simple to administer.

  • What technology does Cloudya use?

    The base technology is called hosted PBX, often called IP Centrex. Both refer to the same concept: the telephone system is not installed at the company site but at an external data center, and can be accessed anywhere using the Internet.

  • How secure is Cloudya?

    The telephone system is operated over the Internet. The system itself is located at the NFON data center – it has a resilient set up failover at geographically separated servers. All services are guaranteed.

  • How can I install Cloudya?

    You can download Cloudya using the following links:

    Desktop: Windows  |  MAC

    Mobile: Android (Google Play Store)  |  iOS (App Store)

    The steps for installation and configuration are listed in our manuals.

    It is also possible to use Cloudya on a web browser.

Any questions left? We have the answers.

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NFON has received a C5 attestation from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) which evaluates the security architecture of a cloud provider.

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